We are world leaders in white cement.
We have a diversified portfolio both from both a geographic and a product standpoint.
We are unique because our culture is strongly customer-oriented, results-oriented and cash-generation focused. We have a strong investment track record and a solid financial position.

Why invest in Cementir?

  • White cement leadership
    • We believe white cement to be a product with significant long term growth potential, driven by innovative applications and technology
    • We are the world's leading producer and distributor of white cement with 3.3 million tons of production capacity across six plants in China, USA, Denmark, Egypt and Malaysia
    • We have a leading position in China, USA, Western Europe and Australia among major markets


  • Solid track record of investment and significant growth potential
    • Since 2001 we have invested over € 1.7 billion in acquisitions without any capital increase. EBITDA has increased by more than 20 times from € 11.2 million in 1996. From a small single-product Italian company, we have become a multinational with operations in 18 countries, diversified in cement, aggregates, concrete, concrete products and waste treatment.
    • We are efficient in capital allocation and pay great attention to return on investment
    • We expect an acceleration of stakeholders returns thanks to five tools:
      • White cement worldwide leadership
      • Vertical integration of activities, processes and business
      • Digitization and cost leadership: the continuous improvement of efficiency is part of our DNA
      • Technological and product innovation (FUTURECEM ™, InWhite Solution ™)
      • Leverage on the sustainability and growth of the company's human capital


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  • Well diversified portfolio and solid business model
    • We have a well-diversified business portfolio both geographically and in terms of products, with vertically integrated platforms including cement, aggregates and concrete in Scandinavia, Belgium and Turkey
    • Over 80% of our cash flow is generated in currencies linked to the euro or the US dollar


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  • Excellent operational performance
    • Proven track record of cash flow maximization
    • Best in class industrial profitability
    • Lean organization and fast decision making
    • Internal and external benchmarking to achieve and maintain operational excellence
    • Customer- centric and ability to offer innovative solutions with a local industrial presence


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  • Reference shareholder long-term vision

    Since 1992 our majority shareholder is the Caltagirone Group, one of the soundest and best diversified industrial and financial groups in Italy. Shareholder stability supports our long-term strategy and vision and ensures an authentic alignment with the market on strategic goals.


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