Cementir is committed to create value for all its stakeholders, pursuing a sustainable growth strategy. The Group has achieved a significant and continuous growth, reaching today a well diversified portfolio and solid business model, with strong focus on operational performance.

Why invest in Cementir?

  • Strong commitment to sustainability
    • We have defined a sustainability strategy aimed at reducing CO2 emissions by 30% by 2030, defining a 10-year Roadmap and committing 86 million euros to sustainability projects in the 2023-2025 Industrial Plan. These include the construction of a new kiln at our Belgian plant in order to increase alternative fuels use from current 40% to 80%;  the switch to natural gas and biogas in some plants; the extension of district heating and other energy efficiency projects, and initiatives to reduce transport climate change impact and make the best possible use of water resources.
    • Thanks to the introduction of new value-added products and technologies such as FUTURECEM® we will significantly reduce the clinker content of our cements. In July 2021, the Science Based Targets initiative (SBTi) validated Cementir’s CO2  emission reduction targets, judged to be consistent with the ‘well below 2˚C’ objective.


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  • Solid track record of investment and significant growth potential
    • Since 2001 we have invested over € 1.7 billion in acquisitions without any capital increase. EBITDA has increased by around 30 times from € 11.2 million in 1996. From a small single-product Italian company, we have become a multinational with operations in 18 countries, diversified in cement, aggregates, concrete, concrete products and waste treatment.
    • We are efficient in capital allocation and pay great attention to return on investment
    • We expect an acceleration of stakeholders returns thanks to five tools:
      • White cement worldwide leadership
      • Vertical integration of activities, processes and business
      • Digitization and cost leadership: the continuous improvement of efficiency is part of our DNA
      • Technological and product innovation (FUTURECEM®, InWhite Solution™)
      • Leverage on the sustainability and growth of the company's human capital


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  • Well diversified portfolio and solid business model
    • We have a well-diversified business portfolio both geographically and in terms of products, with vertically integrated platforms including cement, aggregates and concrete in Scandinavia, Belgium and Türkiye
    • Over 80% of our cash flow is generated in currencies linked to the euro or the US dollar


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  • White cement leadership
    • We believe white cement to be a product with significant long term growth potential, driven by innovative applications and technology
    • We are the world's leading producer and distributor of white cement with 3.3 million tons of production capacity across six plants in China, USA, Denmark, Egypt and Malaysia
    • We have a leading position in China, USA, Western Europe and Australia among major markets


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  • Excellent operational performance
    • Proven track record of cash flow maximization
    • Best in class industrial profitability
    • Lean organization and fast decision making
    • Internal and external benchmarking to achieve and maintain operational excellence
    • Customer- centric and ability to offer innovative solutions with a local industrial presence


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  • Reference shareholder long-term vision

    Since 1992 our majority shareholder is the Caltagirone Group, one of the soundest industrial and financial groups in Italy. Shareholder stability supports our long-term strategy and vision and ensures an authentic alignment with the market on maximizing shareholders' value.


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