New products and solutions development

Our research and development activities aim to improve both environmental footprint during the production phase and our solutions’ energy efficiency, develop new materials that perfectly match our customers’ needs and redefine products boundaries and use.

InWhite Solution ™ website: the engine of global innovation

Aalborg InWhite Solution TM promotes high added-value and technologically advanced white cement-based solutions and applications.

There are unlimited possibilities for white cement usage. We want to challenge the traditional vision of this product as a purely aesthetic and architectural material to enhance versatility and potential in all fields of application, interpreting the trends and needs of the markets.

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FUTURECEM®: the new sustainability frontier

We want more environmental-friendly and better performing products.

Thanks to its recipe and production process, FUTURECEM® - our proprietary technology patented worldwide - allows a 30% CO2 emissions reduction in our cement thanks to a significant decrease in its clinker content.

The Group shall progressively use FUTURECEM® technology to contribute to greater environmental sustainability.

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D-Carb®: paving the way for Aalborg White® decarbonization

Cementir has embraced the challenge of lowering cement's carbon footprint within the constraints linked to color and performance requirements. 

D-Carb® is the first white cement in the market to match a lower-carbon footprint with high performances at early ages.

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