D-Carb®: paving the way for Cementir Group decarbonization in White cement.

Cementir has embraced the challenge of lowering cement's carbon footprint within the constraints linked to color and performance requirements.

Cementir is launching D-Carb, representing a continuous and consistent decarbonization effort for Aalborg White® range. Leveraging on long-term expertise in research & development and industrial production, a comprehensive investigation was carried out, starting from customer needs, and going upstream to the entire value chain, encompassing clinker & cement composition, production, and raw materials selection.

Aiming to provide a solution to customers in their end-applications, technical collaborations have been established with leading companies in the admixtures sector as well as with loyal customers with specific meetings/brainstorming in order to collect requirements/needs for product design.

To accelerate the time-to-market to cope with the need of more sustainable solutions, fast-prototyping techniques were deployed, involving extensive experimentation at lab and full-scale trial levels. In this way, a proven concept has been turned into an industrial reality called: D-Carb family.

High Performance, Lower CO2 Footprint

*Compared to AALBORG WHITE CEM I 52.5 R

D-Carb, a CO2 reduced white cement, seamlessly facilities the transition for industrial users towards more sustainable finished products while maintaining high standard of performance similar to Aalborg White CEM I 52.5R. It reduces CO2 footprint by 15% compared to Aalborg White® CEM I 52.5R., offering stakeholders in the value chain a low-carbon building material solution aligned with sustainable building certifications.

With its high standards of performances and consistent rheology, D-Carb enhances architecture aesthetics, particularly suitable for wet casting concrete with smooth surface and intricate finishes. Its extremely low alkali and chloride content ensure reliable quality and durability, while outstanding synergy with admixture ensures optimal performance of finished products. Additionally, its notably high early strength allows for meeting tight construction timelines.

Features & Benefits

Smoothly transition to a lower carbon product  

  • Maintain high standard of performances at early ages of Aalborg White® CEM I 52.5R.
  • Notably high early strength.
  • High whiteness through meticulous selection of pure, light and readily available limestones.
  • Enhanced and consistent rheology perfectly fits for producing smooth surface and complex finishes.
  • Extremely low alkali and chloride content, attributed to the unique Aalborg White® clinker.
  • Enhanced synergy and compatibility between cement and admixture, catering to a wide range of white cement applications 

Lowering carbon footprint of white cement finished products 

  • Lower-carbon white cement with 15% less CO2 emissions compared to Aalborg White® CEM I 52.5R.
  • Optimizing white clinker and high-quality limestones relative contents in the cement
  • Enhanced sustainability by implementing waste heat recovery system during the cement production, benefiting 30.000 households at Aalborg plant.



Deliver lower-carbon building material solutions aligned with sustainable building certifications 

The versatility of D-carb white cement enables it to achieve sustainable solutions across a wide range of finished products, including architecture concrete, decorative and functional dry mix mortar, paving and masonry tiles, cast-in-situ concrete and more.




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Cementir Group Launches D-Carb® for white cement decarbonization
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Decarbonising white cement | International Cement Review
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