Today we have a global identity, we speak 18 languages and we care about diversity as a founding value. But this has not always been the case: we have our roots in Italy in 1947

Our origins


Cementir (Cementerie del Tirreno) was incorporated in Italy

The Company was incorporated in Italy under the name Cementir – Cementerie del Tirreno. It was incorporated in 1947 by IRI – Istituto per la Ricostruzione Industriale – with the aim of utilizing blast furnace slag, industrial waste from steel plants.


First cement plant in Bagnoli

The first cement plant is inaugurated in Bagnoli, nearby Italsider (ex ILVA) steel plant.
Benefiting from the economic miracle that Italy experienced in the 1950s and 1960s,Cementir widens its operating perimeter through a number of acquisitions and investments in new plants: Livorno, Arquata Scrivia, Napoli, Taranto, Maddaloni and Spoleto.


Listing on the Stock Exchange

Cementir shares were listed on the Milan Stock Exchange.

The acquisition by Caltagirone Group


In 1992, as one the first Italian privatizations, IRI sells its controlling stake in Cementir to Caltagirone Group on the basis a competitive auction. With the new ownership, an organizational and production restructuring phase opens, before starting the international expansion.



Francesco Caltagirone jr is appointed Chairman of the Company.

Growth and internationalization


The acquisition of Çimentaş in Türkiye

Çimentaş is one of the main cement and ready-mix producers in Türkiye. Quoted on the Istanbul Stock exchange, the company operates today four cement plants with annual cement capacity of 5.4 million ton. In 2001, when Cementir bought its controlling stake, Çimentaş was operating two cement plants, Izmir and Kars.


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Global White Cement leadership


Acquisition of the Danish group Aalborg Portland and Unicon

Cementir acquires 100% of Aalborg Portland A/S (cement and aggregates) and Unicon A/S (concrete) in 2004 through a competitive process. The acquisition of Aalborg Portland is perhaps the one that has most impact on the Cementir business due to its size and business portfolio. With this transaction the Group becomes the global white cement leadership, with plants in Aalborg (Denmark), Anqing (China), El Arish (Egypt), Ipoh (Malaysia) and a minority stake in Lehigh White Cement (USA). With Aalborg Portland and Unicon, Cementir becomes also the leading ready-mix player in Scandinavia and leading cement player in Denmark, leveraging the worldwide known brands of Aalborg White® and Aalborg Portland.

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Acquisition of Vianini Pipe in the United States

In June 2005 Cementir acquired the US company Vianini Pipe, active in the production of cement products based in New Jersey.



In these years the Turkish subsidiary Çimentaş, which had only two plants in Izmir and Kars, acquires two more cement plants in Trakya (Edirne) and Elazığ (Anatolia) and, following a vertically integrated model, expands the management of concrete plants of the subsidiary Cimbeton, also listed on the stock exchange.

1 January 2008

The new corporate structure of Cementir

The company changes its corporate name from Cementir-Cementerie del Tirreno to Cementir Holding S.p.A and transfers the industrial company branch including the Italian activities to Cementir Italia Srl.


Acquisition of Kudsk & Dahl in Denmark

In March 2008 Cementir expanded its presence in Denmark with the acquisition of the company Kudsk & Dahl operating in the aggregate sector in the southern part of the country.

The Waste business committed to increasing sustainability

2009 -2012

Alternative fuels from waste in Türkiye

With the aim of increasing the commitment to sustainability, Çimentaş acquires Sureko, a company operating an industrial waste treatment and disposal plant located in Kula region (Manisa). 
In 2011, the Group through the newly incorporated subsidiary, Recydia, enters the business of alternative waste-derived fuels (SRF/RDF) by acquiring the 25-year concession for a part of Istanbul urban waste treatment and building of a state-of-the-art production plant in Kӧmurcuoda, In 2012 Recydia acquires Neales Waste Management Ltd, a company founded in 1991 in Lancashire (United Kingdom) and active in the collection, treatment and disposal of urban and industrial waste in Manchester area. Subsequently, the company invests in a new facility to produce waste-derived fuels, which today supplies Aalborg plant.

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Acquisition of the Sacci group in Italy

In Italy the Sacci group and its cement plants in Cagnano (Abruzzo), Tavernola (Lombardy), Testi (Tuscany) and Castelraimondo (Marche) are acquired, as well as some concrete plants in Central Italy.

Growth in the aggregates business


Acquisition of CCB in Belgium 

Nel 2016 Cementir Holding acquires Compagnie des Ciments Belges (CCB) in a competitive auction. Primary producer and distributor of cement, aggregates and ready-mix in the Benelux and France, with 2.3 million ton of cement capacity, the Gaurain plant is amongst the most modern and efficient in Belgium. CCB also operates a network of ready-mix plants in both Belgium and Northern France ed is among the top players in Belgium where it operates both directly and through its subsidiary SCT, in partnership with Lafarge Holcim.
CCB acquisition brings also the property of Berry quarry, one of the largest limestone quarries in Europe. With this transaction cementir further diversifies its business portfolio by adding a significant presence in the aggregates business.

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Disposal of the Italian business

2018 marks the exit from the historical Italian cement and ready-mix business, where everything started. Cementir Italia is sold to HeidelbergCement group 
With this transaction the Group has no longer a manufacturing presence in Italy, where it keeps its headquarter and Trading activity.


Majority acquisition of LWCC in the United States 

In 2018 Cementir acquires control (63.25%) of Lehigh White Cement, leader in the white cement market in the US, which was already an associate. LWCC operates two manufacturing plants in York (PA) and Waco (TX), besides 42 terminals across the US for the import and distribution of white cement under the “Lehigh White” brand. 


Transfer of the Registered Office to Amsterdam (The Netherlands)

On 5 October 2019 Cementir Holding transferred its registered office to Amsterdam, The Netherlands, adopting the legal form of a Naamloze Vennootschap (N.V.) regulated by Dutch law with the name Cementir Holding N.V.
The Company continues to be listed on the Italian Stock Exchange and to have its fiscal residence in Italy.

What makes us most proud? The goals we have achieved. We started from being producers of special cements exclusively in Italy, a small reality that in a few years, with acquisitions and broadening of our horizons towards new goals, we were able to transform it into an international Group. We have invested 1.7 billion euros in our growth without any capital increase. This is how we built the leading multinational company in white cement, with a portfolio diversified both geographically and in products and services to our customers.
One Group. Concretely Dynamic.

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