Aggregates are materials of rocky origin, extracted from river deposits such as natural sand, gravel and crushed stone or crushed by hard rock formations.

Crushed aggregates are mixed with hydraulic binders such as cement to obtain concrete, mortars and plasters. They are also used as such for other engineering works such as roads and foundations for other structures.

Aggregates provide better fluidity in ready-mix concrete production and improve its mechanical properties, to counteract plastic mass shrinkage and reduce hydration heat.

Through crushing, shaping, shielding and washing processes, aggregates can be processed to obtain products of different sizes and characteristics, which can be divided into sands, intermediate aggregates and large aggregates.

Thanks to its ample material reserves in Denmark, Sweden and Belgium, Cementir group is one of the most important aggregate operators in these countries. Since 2021 Cementir has entered the Aggregates business also in Türkiye, with the acquisition of EGE Kirmatas, in the Aegean region. 

Aggregates in Gaurain, Belgium
Main applications
  • Concrete and prefabricated products.
  • Asphalt.
  • Road foundations and engineering work.
  • Special applications: draining materials, agricultural land.

Production process

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We offer a wide range of products: grey cement, white cement, aggregates, concrete, value-added products, trading.

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We have executed projects all over the world, supporting our customers in all stages of implementation by using cutting-edge technologies.

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We are a Group with an Italian soul but a truly international mentality. We have registered offices in the Netherlands and operations in 18 countries.

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