Our people are the most important resources we have, they are our competitive advantage: hence our commitment to guaranteeing them a safe, collaborative and stimulating work environment.

We care about people well-being
We strive for our employees to live the work environment with serenity, by making them feel safe and motivated, recognizing that the Group's success is rooted in people and their professionalism.
An awareness that drives us to promote their well-being as a driving force for achieving business objectives by investing in three areas: health and safety, remuneration policies, professional growth.

CE-MENTORship Program

We are looking for talents, brilliant new graduates who aim at an international experience.
We want to identify our leaders of the future, make them grow through our culture, our values and our way of working.
With the CE-MENTorship Program we have defined an induction path for them aimed at developing specific competencies in cement field, managerial skills and sharing with them our way of working.
The program includes an initial period of Corporate Induction in our Headquarters in Rome, a Job Shadowing phase alongside colleagues from the Technical Teams and an International Experience phase in the Aalborg, Izmir and Gaurain plants.
At the end of the program our young colleagues will be assigned to a permanent location contributing to the development and growth of our Group.

Health and Safety

Safety at work is an essential value within the Group sustainability culture. We strive to protect and promote Health as a fundamental objective.

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Remuneration policies

Our remuneration policies place particular emphasis on the importance of attracting talents and at the same time recognizing the value of our people, by promoting a culture of performance in line with our corporate values.
We are committed to improving employee remuneration, by respecting the peculiarities of the relevant labour markets, the inflationary dynamics and the business prospects of our people all over the world.
Our remuneration policies are based on objectives that support the company's business strategy, ensure internal fairness, motivate and develop our people and recognize the best performance.

Professional development

We feel the responsibility to offer our employees opportunities for personal and professional development, in line with organizational requirements and with business evolution as well as the peculiarities of the local context and the abilities, motivations and aspirations of our people. We encourage individual proactivity towards their own self-development and we promote the development of skills and competencies through targeted and structured training, coaching and mentoring, job rotation, international projects and assignments.
We offer inclusive and differentiated development paths that allow people to unleash their talent and contribute to the growth not only of the individual but also of the community and the organization.
In this sense we invest resources to enrich our Cementir Academy with training initiatives and contents that can bridge the skills gap, reskill and upskill, promote an innovative approach, by anticipating future needs in terms of skill sets and competencies.

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