Cementir Group has been operating in Turkey since September 2001, with the acquisition of Çimentaş SA and Çimbeton SA. 

Over time Cementir has consolidated its presence in Turkey by acquiring the Edirne (Trakya) and Elazig plants, in 2005 and 2006, respectively, thus becoming one of the leading international players in Turkey.
The business model in Turkey is centered around vertical integration along the aggregates /cement / ready-mix concrete businesses with a focus on the circular economy via its waste management business. 

The last business line added to the product portfolio is Aggregates, with the acquisition of Ege Kirmatas in the Aegean region in 2021. 



With four cement factories (Izmir, Kars, Edirne and Elazig) and an installed capacity of 5.4 million tons per year, Çimentaş is among the largest international cement players in Turkey with a strong local presence, especially in the Aegean region where most of the capacity is concentrated, besides Marmara and Anatolia. The company is listed on the Istanbul Stock Exchange.

The plants, strategically located to cover the entire domestic market, are:

  • Izmir (2.6 million tons capacity) on the Aegean Sea;
  • Edirne (1.3 million tons capacity) in the Marmara region, close to Istanbul and the border with Greece and Bulgaria; 
  • Elazig (0.9 million tons capacity), acquired in September 2006 in Central Anatolia;
  • Kars (0.6 million tons capacity) in Eastern Anatolia.

Although most of Cimentas sales are directed towards the domestic market, its plants location near the sea and on the border with other countries makes exports feasible both to neighboring countries and into the Mediterranean.

Ready-mix concrete

The subsidiary Çimbeton, also listed on the Istanbul Stock Exchange since 1977, is the main ready-mix concrete production company in the Aegean region, with 21 concrete plants located mainly in the western part of Turkey and the Eastern Anatolia region.


In 2021, Cimentas entered the aggregate business by acquiring Ege Kirmatas, a company operating, among others, the Torbali quarry near Izmir, in an area which has more than 600 Mt of aggregates reserves. With this acquisition, Cimentas will be able to produce around 2Mt of aggregates per annum both for its own needs and for third parties.

Cimentas offers a wide range of aggregates, ranging from products for the prefabricated industry, to those for asphalt and bitumen, for the production of concrete, for foundations and finally for particular applications such as mixtures and fillers.


Since 2009, with the aim of contributing to the circular economy and improving the Group environmental footprint, Çimentaş, through its sub-holding Recydia AS, started to invest in waste and residues treatment both in Turkey and the UK, with the objective of producing recyclable materials and alternative fuels to be used in cement kilns as a substitute of fossil fuel.

Based in the Aegean region, Sureko is the subsidiary focused on industrial facilities waste management, providing onsite service to customers, collection and treatment of industrial residues in Kula (Manisa) factory, where recyclable materials (PET, HDPE, PP, paper, glass, wood, metals) are selected and Solid Recovered Fuel (SRF) is produced.

The production of energy from renewable sources and the progressive replacement of fossil fuels with alternative fuels is one of the Group's strategic priorities.


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