Every year Cementir undertakes an analysis of all the sustainability themes that can be considered relevant for the company and its stakeholders.

The definition of material themes

In 2023 the Group has updated the materiality matrix by following a structured process divided in four different phases:


In the validation process Cementir involved 662 stakeholders, both internal and external:

  • Internal stakeholders: Top Management - the highest levels of managers consisting of all heads of corporate functions and all heads of Regions, including the members of both Ethics and Sustainability Committees, Cementir’s independent board members and a heterogeneous and random sample of employees. 
  • External stakeholders: customers, suppliers, institutional bodies (entities with a primary role in the world of sustainability).

The results of the analyses confirmed the topics already identified in previous years, for the environment side Climate Change and GHG emissions, for the social side Health and Safety and lastly for the governance side Competitive Behaviour and Cybersecurity and data protection.

The final phase of the materiality matrix review process consisted of the validation of the results obtained by the Sustainability Committee. 

Who our Stakeholders are

We change methods and frequency of involvement of our stakeholders depending on the type of subject, topic of interest and local features. In consideration of the nature of “Holding” of the Parent Company, some of these stakeholders interface directly with the central structures, while others are strictly interested in local activities and the relationship with them is therefore delegated to local management. We work to build a strong and long-lasting relationship with all of them, as we are aware that cooperation is an important and powerful value that enables the Group to better achieve its results, long-term sustainability and improve its positive impact on people and society.

The main Group stakeholders and the corresponding topic of interest are listed below.

Stakeholders and topic of interest

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