Antitrust fine on the Italian cement industry

Rome, 8 August 2017 – On 7 August 2017 the subsidiary Cementir Italia SpA received notice of the final decision of the Italian Antitrust Authority (Authority) in relation to its investigation into the practices of the company and other firms operating in the cement industry in Italy

The Authority decision found that Cementir Italia had taken part in an agreement restricting competition, involving the alleged coordination of producers in the simultaneous raising of prices and the exchange of information within the industry association AITEC.

As a consequence of the finding, the AGCM has imposed a fine on Cementir Italia of EUR 5,090 thousands.

Although the Authority, while setting the amount of the sanction, considered the compliance programme implemented by Cementir Italia, the company rejects the Authority finding as groundless and reserves the right to challenge the decision in the competent courts.