Cementir celebrates the World Day for Safety and Health at Work

April 28 is the world day for Health and Safety at work, which aims to celebrate and focus attention on a pillar of corporate sustainability in a worker-centric approach.

At Cementir, we consider this celebration as an opportunity to raise awareness of the issue among all our stakeholders and as an integral part of our continuous improvement process to ensure a healthy and safe working environment: a commitment that must be renewed every day.

This moment is the opportunity to remember that everyone, at all levels, is called to make their own effective and tangible contribution in a proactive way. Safety is a collective value.

In the month of April, and in particular this week, all the plants and offices in the world have planned specific initiatives which this year are focused on the theme of "prevention of slips, trips and falls".

Slip, Trips and Falls are one of the leading causes of injury worldwide and also in our offices and plants. Knowing the causes and possible solutions to prevent such accidents is a fundamental condition for reducing risks and for maintaining a safe and healthy workplace.