Cementir Holding joins the European Climate Pact and pledges action to build a greener Europe

Cementir joins the EU Climate Pact:  a further step towards its pledge for taking action against climate change and build a more sustainable Europe.

The European Climate Pact, which was launched in December 2020 as part of the European Green Deal, is an EU initiative that aims to build a greener Europe by encouraging people, communities and organizations to engage in climate action, inspire each other, and develop solutions.

In signing the Climate Pact, we are committing to take action against climate change. Our roadmap to 2030 includes 25 sustainability objectives to minimize our impact on the environment, create a healthy, safe and inclusive work environment, respect human rights and create a constructive and transparent relationship with local communities and business partners.

Learn more about how we’re committed to the environment and the list of businesses and companies that have pledged the EU Climate Pact.