FUTURECEM® integrated into new mortar and adhesives products

Building material manufacturer Alfix, which develops and produces quality products for floor, wall, and facade constructions, has been ambitiously working on the green transition for several years to contribute to a more responsible construction industry. As a step in this direction, the company has integrated CO2-reduced cement FUTURECEM®, developed by Cementir Group subsidiary, Aalborg Portland, which has up to 30 percent lower CO2 footprint compared to Ordinary Portland, into two of the company's new products.

Among the strategic initiaves Alfix has been working on to contribute to a more sustainable and responsible construction industry, there is the use of CO2-reduced cement FUTURECEM®, which Alfix has chosen to integrate into two of the company's new products: the tile adhesive Alfix Profix Plus and the screeding mortar Alfix PlaneMix 90 Plus. FUTURECEM® has up to 30 percent lower CO2 footprint compared to conventional grey cement, making it a good fit for Alfix's strategy and efforts towards a more sustainable product portfolio.

"FUTURECEM® is an important step towards a product portfolio with less environmental impact. So far, two of our products, Profix Plus and PlaneMix 90 Plus, are based on FUTURECEM®, but we are already working on integrating the cement into more of our existing and new products," explains Kim Mathiasen, innovation manager at Alfix.

Mathiasen further explains that the conversion to FUTURECEM® has not required any adjustments beyond an additional silo for the CO2-reduced cement, as conventional cement types are still used for some of Alfix's other products. Therefore, the production processes for the new products are exactly the same as before, just with a lower CO2 footprint.

"At Aalborg Portland, we are fully aware that our sustainable transition is important and has a direct impact on our customers. Alfix is an excellent example of this, and it is fantastic to see that FUTURECEM® can also be used in the type of products that Alfix produces," says Brian Dürr, sales director at Aalborg Portland.

"We are thrilled that FUTURECEM® has been successfully applied in new applications and new product ranges of Aflix, a renowned Danish manufacturer of flooring solutions and tile installations. This collaboration marks a significant milestone in Cementir’s efforts on the path of CO2 emission reduction. We firmly believe that sustainability is a responsibility that Group must embrace wholeheartedly. It’s a long and challenging journey towards reducing CO2 emissions, but with each milestone achieved, we are one step closer to our ambitious sustainability targets"   highlights Michele Di Marino, Chief Sales, Marketing and Commercial Development Officer at Cementir Group.

"We are pleased to be recognized for the many years of work behind our sustainability strategy. This is due in part to a great team effort within the company and also through good supplier collaboration like the one we have with Aalborg Portland. Many of our customers and end users have the green transition on their agenda, so they have fortunately welcomed our new CO2-reduced products very well," explains Anders Bertelsen Toft, director, co-owner and third generation in Alfix.

Alfix is a 100% Danish-owned family business with a factory and all facilities located in Kolding.