Renovation of the Léopold II tunnel in Belgium: safety first!

The Léopold II tunnel, with its 2.5 kilometers of length, is the longest in the country and an important gateway to the center of Brussels.
The renovation of the Léopold II tunnel has an important goal: to increase safety. Since late 2009, the tunnel has started to show signs of deterioration. Pieces of concrete fell on the road, panels of loose walls, a roadway in poor condition, rusty elements ...

This is the logical consequence of the heavy traffic in the tunnel (80,000 vehicles on average per day). After temporary measures, the renovations began and last until the summer of 2021, with an investment of almost 463 million euros. The CIRCUL 2020 consortium, with Jan De Nul, Besix and Engie-Fabricom, is also committed to maintaining the tunnel for 25 years.

For CCB Brussels, this means, inter alia, overnight deliveries during the tunnel closing time. The concrete used in the renovation of the walls is an innovative self-compacting concrete, "C-TECH EasyWall", which guarantees perfect and rapid filling.