Safety is a common value, Safety is everyday

April 28 is the World Day for Health and Safety at work, which aims to recognize and highlight the importance of corporate values that put the health and safety of workers and contractors first.

At Cementir, we see this celebration as a chance to increase awareness of the topic among all our stakeholders and as an essential part of our ongoing improvement process to ensure a healthy and safe work environment: a commitment that we have to renew everyday.
In April, all plants and offices around the world have planned specific initiatives that this year focus on “Unsafe Behaviors and Conditions Reporting”.

Reporting unsafe behaviors and conditions helps to prevent accidents and injuries, identify root causes and corrective actions, and foster a culture of safety awareness and responsibility. By reporting unsafe behaviors and conditions, we are not only protecting ourselves, but also our colleagues, our suppliers, and our environment. Reporting unsafe behaviors and conditions is one of the best ways to demonstrate our commitment and contribution to the common value of safety.

These days also gives us a chance to think and remember how much our culture of Health and Safety at work has to be constantly nurtured, trained and supported to improve workers' awareness and skills. That is a crucial goal for our Group.

Therefore, during this period, our managers will attend specific additional training on H&S because safety is one of our key values and priorities and our managers must be an example for everyone. As leaders, they have to convey clear expectations involving workers, inspire and encourage a culture of trust, learning and accountability. They have to promote a positive and proactive environment in which everyone cares about their own well-being and that of others as a team.

At the same time, it is important to remember that everyone, at all levels, has to make their own effective and tangible contribution in a proactive way.  

Safety is not only a common value, but also a common responsibility that we all share.