Appointment of new Chief Financial Officer and Investor Relator

Rome, 12 November 2018 – Cementir Holding S.p.A. announces the appointment of Giovanni Luise as Chief Financial Officer, effective today. Giovanni Luise, 59 years old, with a Bachelor’s degree in Business Economics, in his career covered several and growing Finance managerial roles for multinational companies in different industries as Utilities, Pharma, Defence Industrial Business and Automobiles. In the last years he worked as Chief Financial Officer in Comau and before in Maserati and Irisbus, formerly in MBDA Italia S.p.A. and Gripen International and, as Finance & Administrator Director, in Alenia Marconi Systems.

Today, furthermore, Marco Maria Bianconi has taken the role of new Investor Relator of Cementir Holding S.p.A.. Marco Bianconi, graduated in Economics and Business at LUISS, holds an MBA from New York University L. Stern School of Business. After working in IRI, Fidelity Investments, Caltagirone S.p.A., he has been with the Cementir Group for over ten years. Mr. Bianconi maintains his role as Head of M&A, Integration and Corporate Development at Cementir Holding S.p.A., where he already covered the position of Investor Relator in the past.

Massimo Sala, who has served as Chief Financial Officer, Manager responsible for financial reporting and Investor Relator of Cementir Holding, leaves the Company to pursue other opportunities outside the Group. Cementir Holding thanks Mr. Sala for his valuable contribution during the last six years with the Group. On the basis of information available by the Company, Mr. Sala owns no. 6,500 shares of Cementir Holding S.p.A.