Shareholders’ Meeting approves the 2022 Financial Statements

  • EUR 0.22 dividend per share approved (EUR 0.18 previous year)
  • Appointed the new Board of Directors for the next three-year period

Amsterdam, 20 April 2023 – Cementir Holding N.V. announces that all resolutions proposed to shareholders at the Company’s Shareholders’ Meeting held today in Amsterdam, The Netherlands, were approved.

The Shareholders’ Meeting approved the 2022 financial statements and the distribution of EUR 0.22 dividend per each issued and outstanding common share (EUR 0.18 in 2021), for a total amount of EUR 34,214 thousand using profit of the year.

The dividend coupon no. 4, with record date 23 May 2023 and ex-dividend date 22 May 2023, will be paid as of 23 May 2023 gross of any withholding tax. 

The Shareholders’ Meeting also appointed the Board of Directors reducing the number of members to eight, including one Executive director and seven Non-Executive directors. On a proposal by the Board of Directors, the following directors have been appointed for a three-year period until the date of the Shareholders' Meeting called to approve the 2025 financial statements: Francesco Caltagirone (Executive director), Alessandro Caltagirone (Non-Executive director), Azzurra Caltagirone (Non-Executive director), Saverio Caltagirone (Non-Executive director), Fabio Corsico (Non-Executive director), Adriana Lamberto Floristan (Non-Executive director, Independent), Annalisa Pescatori (Non-Executive director, Independent) and Benedetta Navarra (Non-Executive director, Independent).

The curricula vitae are available on the Company's website under the Governance section.

It should be noted that gender diversity is equally represented in the new Board of Directors and that over a third of the members are independent.

The Shareholders’ Meeting then expressed a favorable advisory vote with regard to the 2022 Remuneration Report and voted favorably with regard to the 2023 Remuneration Policy.

Further details on the resolutions adopted by the Shareholders’ Meeting are available on the Company website, under the Governance section.

The results of votes and the minute of the Shareholders’ Meeting will be published pursuant to the current regulations deadlines.