Shareholders’ Meeting approves share buy-back up to EUR 60 Million

Amsterdam, 2 July 2020 – Cementir Holding N.V. (the “Company”) announced today that all resolutions proposed to the Company’s Extraordinary Shareholders’ Meeting (the “EGM”) held today in Amsterdam, The Netherlands, have been approved.

The EGM resolved to authorize the Board of Directors to implement a share buy-back program (the “Program”). 

The Program, which will be financed from available liquidity, will have the following features: a) duration of 18 months starting from 2 July 2020 and ending 1 January 2022; b) maximum aggregate expenditure of EUR 60,000,000; c) the price per share shall be not lower than the par value and not higher than 10% of the reference price - including accessory purchase charges - recorded in the stock market session of the day preceding the completion of each individual transaction.

It is understood that the extent to which the authorization will be used and all related terms will be determined by the Board of Directors with one or more subsequent resolutions taking into account distributable reserves and any other applicable limit.

The EGM further resolved to grant the Board of Directors, according to Dutch law, any consequent power related to the shares held or acquired in accordance with the Program with the utmost flexibility.

The Company does not currently hold treasury shares.

Further details on the proposals submitted to the EGM are available on the Company website, under Governance section.
The results of votes and the minute of the EGM will be published in the manner and within the deadline required by current regulations.