CE-Mentorship Program: Young graduates test themselves in the plants during the International Experience Phase

The CE-Mentorship Program 2022, the training and induction program for young graduates launched by the Cementir Group, has reached its final stages. Following the first phase of Corporate Induction in Rome introducing our young graduates to the Group’s activities and the second phase of Job Shadowing to acquire the technical fundamentals of day-to-day work in our local plants, the participants are facing the last phase of theoretical and technical training.

This is a key phase of the entire CE-Mentorship training program, built around the theme of International Experience, essential for anyone choosing to work in an international group present in multiple markets.

During the 8 training units, the participants will face two weeks of classroom training and one dedicated to “on the job training”. In fact, after having analyzed issues regarding quality, production, maintenance, safety, investments and project management in the classroom, the CE-Mentorship participants will put their acquired knowledge directly into practice in further field experience training in our three plants of Aalborg, Gaurain and Izmir.

In particular, during these ongoing units, the participants are already addressing essential production issues. Materials management, combustion processes, control room operation, work planning and worker’s safety are included.

Practical training in our plants thereby becomes a training ground for young people called to familiarize with the complex production and management practices of a large international group, with the aim - once they have successfully completed the CE-Mentorship Program - of obtaining an operational role in one of those same plants that have been their own testing ground.